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Leveraging off our many years of combined project management and property development experience, we not only develop property for ourselves but we facilitate small to medium developments on behalf of our clients too.

We have a proven track record and can assist you with finding sites, design, project management and even joint venturing with you on a development project.

Please feel free to come and see us and further discuss opportunities along these lines.

Current Major Developments

Curra CBD - Major Shopping & Childcare Centre Development

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A MAJOR new shopping centre at Curra will become the town centre for an area from Lower Wonga to Gunalda.

The community have been asked to help design the project, which is a 2ha tailor-made shopping and business centre in David Dve, This project aims to provide local jobs and business opportunities as well as everything residents need.

We have spoken to local residents and asked them to tell us exactly what shops and facilities they and the community would benefit from most and we can then engage an architect to design it.

We are scheduled to be turning the soil to start building before Christmas with a likely opening date of mid to late 2020.